Background: Aspire Technology Solutions is the largest IT services and support company in the North East of England.  Services are delivered through their cloud-based, data centre infrastructure and support delivered from their HQ in Gateshead.

Brief:I worked at Aspire for just over a year as their Head of Marketing.  I was brought on board to devise a short and long term marketing strategy for the business, including developing a lead generation function for the business.

The business was satisfied with their logo but recognised the need to develop a brand style for all marketing assets which reflected its position as a dynamic, technology company and a market leader.

Solution:The first step was to look at the brand messaging and to align everything within the business.  I identified that Aspire’s clever use of data really gave them, and by virtue, their customers, a real competitive advantage. We decided to use this theme across all marketing communications and press releases.

Secondly, I looked at the graphic design and brand visual themes and developed a new clear and slick style, emphasising the aforementioned data-based processes with some infographics.

Finally, I redeveloped their website.  This involved looking at the UI and trying to drive lead generation, with clear routes through the site and an emphasis on UX. The site was built on the WordPress platform and features a fully custom WordPress theme.

Below are just some examples of the design work I created for Aspire.