Bellus Tracto Digital Design & Marketing (BTDDM) uses a tested ‘Learn, Research, Create, Review’ design process for all creative and marketing projects.

BTDDM Process

Learn: Getting to know what makes your business unique and gain a clear understanding of what key stakeholders across your business need from the design and marketing functions.

Research:  Before putting pencil to paper, we engage in thorough research.  We learn about your marketplace and sector, coming to understand your target market and can help you develop buying personas.

Create:  There is no great mystery to the creative process, rather is it about taking the time in the aforementioned steps to broaden the knowledge and understanding necessary to come up with inventive visuals or an original strategy.

Review:  For creative visuals, we will typically come up with 3 broad concepts.  Once that is refined with the client, we continually review and test, creating refinements or new iterations before arriving at a final version.

Throughout the design process, we continue to review, research further and learn.

We are commercially savvy having worked with some brilliant owner managers and entrepreneurs over the years.  Even for the smallest job, we take a holistic approach considering how the smallest piece of designwork fits into the overarching strategy of the business.  The ultimate purpose of design and marketing is, of course, lead generation, sales and business growth.


    What we offer:


    Outsourced your marketing

    We can either support your existing in-house resource, or you can outsource all of your marketing to us. Either way we can drive efficiency bringing greater value on your marketing spend by raising your profile and improving lead generation.


    Save on large agency fees

    The pandemic is already having a great impact on businesses, who are having to cut their cloth accordingly. Larger agencies can be prone to over-promise and under-deliver, whereas we offer a more straight-forward approach and have far lower overheads.


    A traditional approach

    Our enthusiastic and highly-professional approach is the result of over 20 years industry experience. We are very process driven and approach each project with an honest and integrity, which sets us apart. If we can't help, we will say.